Marina shares the video for her new track ‘Handmade Heaven’

Marina has released her first solo material in four years. The single ‘Handmade Heaven’ is available to stream now and the accompanying video will debut at 5pm today. You’ll be able to watch it above as soon as it’s live.

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‘Handmade Heaven’ is the first taste of Marina’s forthcoming new album following a three year hiatus from the music industry. Marina used her break as a period of reflection and to rediscover her authentic self, as opposed to the artist and persona (‘and The Diamonds’) she had lived and breathed since signing her record deal at the age of 22. As part of her journey, she created MarinaBook as a vehicle to talk about topics outside of music that felt important to her (social media, material status, mental health, psychology) and went back to university to study human personality and attachment theory.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 08, 2019

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Marina shares the video for her new track ‘Handmade Heaven’ | The Digital Fix