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Mansun Confirm 3CD Collection

Mansun's Record label together with Paul Draper have finally confirmed the existence and content of the much wanted 'Kleptomania' boxset. Over 2,000 fans wrote to Mansun's record label for this action to happen.
The boxset will be released on 27/09/04

CD1: Will be the CD of Mansun's 4th album which was never totally finished after the split up in 2003.

CD2: Will contain tracks decided by the fans of B-Sides, and non-album singles by voting on Mansun's official website. (Details below)

CD3: Will Mansun rarities and previously unreleased songs

Some of the new tracks appearing in the set should include some of the songs that were played on the final tour in 2002 such as; 'Slipping Away', 'Keep Telling Myself' and 'Getting Your Way'.

Lead singer of Mansun (Paul Draper) has also confirmed he is working on a solo project and album.

Vote for what B-Sides you want on CD2 here:

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