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Manics at the Movies!

It had to happen eventually. Coming to a fleapit near you - "Manic Street Preachers - THE MOVIE" starring Elizabeth Taylor as Richey Edwards, Cillian Murphy as Nicky Wire, Helena Bonham-Carter as Sean Moore and Michael Sheen as Tony Blair...

Not really, but it looks like the long-awaited (three years in the making?!? It better be bloody good) Manic Street Preachers feature-length documentary film No Manifesto is getting closer to completion given this new trailer...

"1991, Welsh band Manic Street Preachers arrived on the British music scene proclaiming their ambition to make one album, sell 16 million copies and then split up. 18 years, 9 studio albums, one missing member and many controversies later, they’re one of the UK's most highly acclaimed bands. Narrated by their fans and featuring exclusive footage of recording sessions, live performances and interviews with the band combined with archival materials, No Manifesto takes an in-depth look at the Manics' history and creative process and explores the deep relationship between the band and their audience."

No Manifesto but sadly also No Release Date yet either. Forever Delayed indeed.

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