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Love is in the Air

Great news pop pickers - internationally revered French electronic pop duo AIR, Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin, will release their fifth studio album Love 2 on October 5th. The follow-up to 2007’s acclaimed Pocket Symphony will be the first production to spring to life from their very own state-of-the-art recording facility Atlas Studio.

Love 2 tracklisting:
01. Do The Joy
02. Love
03. So Light Is Her Footfall
04. Be A Bee
05. Missing The Light Of The Day
06. Tropical Disease
07. Heaven's Light
08. Night Hunter
09. Sing Sang Sung
10. Eat My Beat
11. You Can Tell It To Everybody
12. African Velvet

Nestled in the leafy backstreets of northern Paris, Atlas provided a creative haven for the band to produce these twelve new songs, which they wrote, performed, recorded and produced by themselves. These recording sessions again saw the band handling all vocal duties and cemented their association with LA-based drummer/percussionist Joey Waronker, who had previously joined them for their intimate, three-man “Close up” tour of south-east Asia in the autumn of 2008. Stéphane “Alf” Briat, a long-time fixture of the Paris music scene, whose work with AIR dates back to some of their earliest material, came on board for the majority of the mixes.

A viral single “Do The Joy” is available digitally and will be followed by a formal single release for the summery “Sing Sang Sung” on August 25th.

AIR’s 1998 debut album Moon Safari struck a unanimously harmonious chord with music lovers around the globe and has since become an electronic pop classic. Since then AIR have enjoyed many career-defining moments and accolades, both at home and abroad, and have written, produced and collaborated on a breathtaking array of music projects including film soundtracks (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation), a ballet (Near Life Experience with Preljocaj), a modern art show (Aerolite with Xavier Veilhan), an animated film (Hear, Earth, Heart with Yi Zhou), music for a spoken word narrative (City Reading with Alessandro Barrico), and composing and producing for other artists (Charlotte Gainsbourg 5:55).

With such an impressive body of work behind them, the band is now free to write and record as the inspiration takes them and able to draw on their very own musical lexicon honed over twelve years of active duty and an enviable collection of vintage synthesizers, guitars, and assorted gadgets that grace the racks in the outer storage area of Atlas. With 5.5 million worldwide album sales to their credit, the band has become de facto ambassadors of modern French pop, whose fans are drawn back to each new musical adventure by their inventive arrangements, and a playful yet unpredictable palette of sounds and songcraft.

AIR will set out on a European tour in early 2010 starting at the legendary Casino de Paris on January 11th in their hometown and will then embark on North American dates during the Spring, and much more. |

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