Liv Dawson shares her new video for Good Intentions

Liv Dawson has unveiled the video for her gorgeous new track, 'Good Intentions' taken from her upcoming EP Bedroom which is due for release on 16th November. Catchy soul-tinged pop of the best kind, Liv says 'Good Intentions' “is about feeling so overwhelmed in social situations with your boyfriend/girlfriend that you sometimes act out and cause some drama: you mean well, but you get flustered when you're stressed out!"

'Good Intentions' acts as the perfect introduction to Liv Dawson’s ‘Bedroom’ EP, which explores themes of new love, confliction, and finding your confidence as an artist and young woman. “It was really important for me to put it all out there and show all my personality and awkward ways to my fans, who also go through these situations – I want to find comfort in the collective.”

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