Listen to RUEN's new track - What I Need

Listen to RUEN's new track - What I Need

Fancy some woman-fronted indie rock? Check out the new track from RUEN, 'What I Need' - it's a stunning, tight track that is certain to make you listen.

RUEN is the stage name of Rhiannon Mair who has previously worked as a producer on music from Laura Marling and Emma McGrath - her work here is more in line with PJ Harvey's music and certainly gets the TDF seal of approval.

RUEN is the artistic project of producer-songwriter Rhiannon Mair, curating a sound that’s best described as PJ Harvey meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs after a heavy night out accidentally sleeping with your ex.

No stranger to the music industry, Rhiannon has spent her working life as a producer songwriter for some of the U.K’s strongest new indie talent. Working with the likes of Laura Marling, Bryde, Emma McGrath, DIDI and Kimberly Anne, has cemented her as a tour de force of production & engineering in the U.K. Working from her home studio in Margate, RUEN has managed to thrive as an LGBTQ+ artist & creator, in an industry as male dominated as music production & engineering.

“I personally haven't felt that my sexual preference has interfered or hindered my career as a producer or an artist. With being a female producer, there are sometimes moments when you feel a sense of being undermined because you are a woman. I feel that I have spent a great deal of energy trying to prove myself within in the industry.” - RUEN

Now focusing on her own project, RUEN is now launching her second single “What I Need”. First single “Bad Behaviour” was an emphatic & emotive statement of intent, for a gritty and immensely talented musician. “What I Need” is a similarly sultry, indie-rock anthem with an excess of attitude. Lyrically, the track explores lust & passion with an irresistible, raw production that’s bound to appeal to your devilish side.

“The song is about the pushing and pulling of power plays that can happen in relationships along with feeling powerless and wanting someone you know is bad for you. It's also a little bit sexual - which was fun to write. It felt quite empowering as a woman to write something that expressed female sexual energy.” - RUEN

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