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Lisa Mitchell debut single, Neopolitan Dreams in July

With at least one fan on the TMF team, we've been waiting a long time for Lisa Mitchell to make her UK debut and she's finally set to release her debut single on 6th July. Full press release below and video below.

The single Neopolitan Dreams, as featured on the current Surf advert, released on July 6th

18-year-old folk-pop singer songwriter Lisa Mitchell will release her debut UK single ‘Neopolitan Dreams’ on July 6th.

Born in England to a Scottish father, Lisa moved to Australia at three years old and made it her home. She grew up in something of a musical timewarp, grateful to her father for raising her on Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Van Morrison, all the while finding obsessions of her own, like Bright Eyes or The Killers.

Her quirky debut single ‘Neopolitan Dreams’ which starts off with a soft guitar strum and playful xylophone, has a strong resemblance to Feist’s ‘1234’ and like that, teasingly has you singing along instantaneously. Despite being a cute and soft tinder-box lullaby at first listen, if you scratch the surface it splinters into a kaleidoscope of imagery displaying an emotional breadth and stark confessions that 18-year-olds are not often given the chance to showcase.

The single, which was featured on the recent Surf advert, has become an internet phenomenon having already received 1.5millon plays on Myspace and 500,000 plays on Youtube and selling over 15,000 copies in the UK alone; and all this before the track has even been taken to radio.

Whilst inhabiting a magical musical world of her own, Lisa’s candy-coated folk pop noticeably embodies the tenderness of Laura Marling with Lisa’s almost fragile vocals, the wordplay of Regina Spektor and the aforementioned Feist’s free spirit.

‘Neopolitan Dreams’ is just a taste of what is to follow this year with a second single ‘Oh Hark’ released on October 12th and her debut album on October 19th. Currently working with a host of writers including Andy Barlow (Lamb), Sacha Skarbek (Adele), Craige Dodds (Amy Winehouse) and acclaimed singer songwriter Ed Harcourt, the album already promises to be a host of songs worth waiting for.

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