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Katzen cough up new album

Katzen's debut album It Hertz! is released by Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation on the 28th September 2009.

Press release:

Katsen are the electronic pop duo of Chris Blackburn & Donna Grimaldi.

Donna and Chris became friends in 2001 while selling clothes at a craft market in Brighton. Donna's brilliant mixtapes, with their bold collage covers, caught Chris' attention and fired his imagination. For for the first time, after playing two-fingered synth in various bands, he'd met someone with the tastes and talents to compliment his own.

Chris: "We'd get together to listen to records and, after exhausting Donna's extensive and very cool collection, we'd get out my synths and toy keyboards and create our own sound long into the happy night."

Interrupted only by Donna running away one summer to join the circus, and Chris teaching acting to ballet dancers, Katsen songs began to form, taking cues from 50s chic, 70s krautrock and the sharper edges of 80s pop.

Following on from cameo appearances in compilations such as "Bot POP" (Happy Robots) and "Electronically Yours Vol.1" (Undo/ EMI), "It Hertz!" is the full-length offspring of Katsen's eight-year partnership; the love of the square wave and all things Casio.

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