‘Since I Left You’ is the new video from Joy Crookes

Joy Crookes – South London’s finest soul-bearing songstress – has shared her heart-breaking brand new single ‘Since I Left You’.  The new track comes alongside a brand-new headline date in London at the prestigious Jazz Café on the 5th June which sold out in just 30 minutes when tickets were released.

‘Since I Left You’ is the latest instalment in Joy Crookes beautiful repertoire, picking up on all the heart-breaking but empowering themes that she broached in her most recent EP ‘Reminiscence’. Never one to shy away from the brutal truths that come with falling in and out of love, on ‘Since I Left You’ Joy tackles the space that grows between two people when they part ways. Dripping with honesty and mesmerizing, soulful fragility that we have come to expect from Joy’s music, it’s a poignant ode to moving on and looking forwards at the most difficult time.

The accompanying video is the perfect visual partner for the song – featuring Joy and her younger brother Christopher. Like the track, it finds everything laid bare as Joys stares the truth in the face to the point of tears.

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Colin Polonowski

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

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‘Since I Left You’ is the new video from Joy Crookes | The Digital Fix