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Josh Pyke mini album Feeding The Wolves - out 16th October

Josh Pyke is set to release his new album, Feeding the Wolves, on Island Records. This record is in the shop on the 16th October.

From the press release

It’s taken Sydney troubadour Josh Pyke a bit of time to find his true voice. Actually, it’s taken Josh Pyke a little time to finally become Josh Pyke. Until earlier this year, ‘Night Hour’ was the guise for his one man band – a name to perhaps hide behind while Josh worked out where it might all lead.

It didn’t take long before Josh’s unique voice and songwriting style, influenced by the likes of Elliott Smith, Evan Dando, and Sparklehorse, began to find favour amongst music tastemakers in Australia. The first taste, the assured “Kids Don’t Sell Their Hopes So Fast”, found a ready fanbase and soon “Silver” and the gently sweeping “Doldrums” followed to similar praise.

Earlier this year Josh traveled to New York for some further writing, performing and demoing and upon return set about recording his debut release under his own name, a mini album entitled “Feeding The Wolves”, which will get a UK release on October 16th under a new deal with Island Records. The album will be available digitally from 2nd October 2006.

“Feeding the Wolves” signifies a great deal more than a change in name: it reveals a huge step in the development of Josh as an artist and songwriter. The subject matter is as broad as titles like “Beg Your Pardon”, “Private Education”, “Middle Of The Hill” and “Goldmines” suggest, however it’s Josh’s lyrics that draw this collection of songs together into a complete package. He cleverly dissects human emotion and feelings and shows them for what they are: complex, abstract, fascinating.

There is hope in the opening track “Beg Your Pardon” and in “Fill You In” there is emptiness and longing. The first single, “Middle Of The Hill”, is a near-stream of consciousness of a suburban childhood – family affection coloured by those sometimes darker, sometimes trivial details that for some reason stay with you. “Goldmines” is a vision of a land, or maybe a talent, stripped of its riches – but here and there a flash of colour survives. A relationship that seems to be an ongoing test is at “Private Education’s” centre. The title track finishes it, with Josh quick to point out the Wolves are not those wanting a piece of you for whatever reason – but those uncontrollable, irrational, emotions inside yourself that you have to keep in check.

With production by the much-lauded Wayne Connolly (You Am I, Underground Lovers, Youth Group, just about any Australian act of note…),”Feeding The Wolves” has the artist now rightly known as Josh Pyke letting his talent flow without constraint. The words seem to tumble out of him: honest, evocative, and emotional all at once. The playing – again mostly all Josh – is one moment sweetly melodic, then turning urgent and insistent as needs be. This range of feelings, packaged so they bounce around inside your head like good songs do, and given so generously, go together to make “Feeding The Wolves” the sound of an artist beginning to realize an enormous potential.

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