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Who said we can't be bribed into writing news stories here at CD Times?

I was recently lucky enough to recieve a package similar to the one pictured below.

Yes, inside was a box full of random stuff; mainly sweeties, but also stickers, a bouncy ball, lipgloss, a plastic soldier (presumably a refugee from an Xmas cracker), a bracelet and even... wait for it... a CD.

All this came courtesy of HEARTSREVOLUTION, a boy (Ben)/girl (Lo) duo dealing in "thrash pop punk with catchy hooks and mega dance beats".

Their single Choose Your Own Adventure (C.Y.O.A)! is released worldwide on August 13th on limited edition white heartshaped vinyl. One track, Prism Effect, features Cory Kennedy, apparently an "international youth icon". I've never heard of her, so I'll take their word for it...

HEARTSREVOLUTION are also releasing a split single with Crystal Castles. This glow in the dark vinyl is for the Japanese market, but you can also track it down at the following stores:

· Colette -Paris
· Rough Trade - London
. Free City Supershop - Malibu
· Giant Robot – Silverlake
· Giant Robot - San Francisco
· Giant Robot – New York
· Giant Robot – West Los Angeles
· Ooga Booga -LA
· Family-LA
· Turntable Lab -LA
· Turntable Lab -NYC

When Ben and Lo aren't making tunes, they're driving around certain parts of America in ice cream trucks, stopping at "skate parks, art shows, clubs, concerts, raves, etc" to sell "international ice cream, candy and toys, mixtapes, graffiti prints, limited edition stick/button packs, t-shirts, records, toys, their own product line and tons of other amazing shit" as part of an operation called HEARTSCHALLENGER.

One of these trucks, however, is soon to go on a world tour.

"After its summer in NYC it will continue to the UK where HEARTSREVOLUTION will play a series of dates.

Then on to Paris for a few more shows…

Then to Tokyo where the duo is set to play a New Years Eve set….

Back to LA for a month in early 08 to record and wrapping up the tour at Winter Music in Miami!"

View a "flipbook" of Ben & Lo's story so far here.

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