Jim Davies launches video for 'Caged' from new album 'Headwars'

Following the release of his new album Headwars, former The Prodigy and Pitchshifter guitarist Jim Davies has released a video for 'Caged'.

“The track ‘Caged’ was a collaboration with Bullet For My Valentine drummer Jason Bowld, myself and Jason have worked together a lot in other bands I've been a part of over the years (Pitchshifter/Victory Pillso it was a very stress free and enjoyable collaboration," explains Jim.

"The majority of tracks on the ‘Headwars’ album are very electronic based so I wanted to do a song that was more stripped back and raw, as a nod to the influence punk has had on me over the years. It was great fun to get back into a studio with Jason and record this song live.

Lyrically the song is me having a little dig at myself for constantly over thinking and not being able to let things go that have happened in the past and just move on! It definitely worked! I feel much better for it! ‘Punk Rock therapy’ I'd like to call it!"

Watch the animated lyric video here and above. 

Headwars is out now.

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