Watch: Jadu Heart share video for ‘Purity’

Enigmatic alternative-pop duo Jadu Heart have today premiered new single, ‘Purity’. Following a headline date at Omeara (which sold out in just a couple of weeks), the band have also announced two further UK dates, including a headline show at Bussey Building on April 25th.

Atmospheric, unpredictable and exciting, ‘Purity’ – say Jadu Heart – “is about the conflicts that arise between two people as they become closer. The dark side of love, intense and devastating at its low points, only becomes more beautiful and sacred as you push through.” A perfect Valentine antidote, ‘Purity’ was again co-produced by the legendary Guy Sigsworth (Bjork, Robyn, Imogen Heap) in sessions for Jadu Heart’s forthcoming debut album: the band first collaborated with Guy on acclaimed returning double-A-side, ‘The Gloom That Looms’.

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‘Purity’ is perhaps the clearest artistic statement yet from Jadu Heart – creators of imaginative, cosmic pop which takes classic tropes (tripped-out psychedelia, introspective electronica, alternative folk and soul) and breathes completely fresh air into them. Having met whilst studying music, Diva and Alex formed the band in conjunction with a dizzying, extensive universe surrounding two supernatural characters, who have become as much a part of them as their own identities. Their alter-egos came to light in a world not unlike Earth (on the planet of Koshui, to be precise), when they found an abandoned temple deep inside a lush green forest. Here, they came across a golden MPC, which – upon being touched – transformed the pair into monsters: cursed, clawed, with black feathers and crystal faces. Each Jadu Heart release has followed the development of these characters, as the band themselves (musically, emotionally) have grown up too. “They were teenagers when they got cursed,” says Diva, “and now they’re settling a little bit.”

It’s this supernatural jump-off that gave Jadu Heart the confidence to explore those most raw human moments in their lyrics: the insecurities, fear and ugliness that makes monsters of us. With songs that are simultaneously intimate and cinematic, the band have quickly won an intrigued, impassioned audience totally independently – all without (as yet) even removing their characters’ masks. Yet it is through the lens of myth, storytelling and disguise that Diva and Alex have been able to be an honest as they have been about what makes them tick IRL. And on ‘Purity’, the next chapter in the story of Jadu Heart continues. 

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

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