Introducing Cxloe and her new track, ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’

Australian pop singer Cxloe has released her brand new single ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’. The track is a playful take on self-sabotage in relationships – filled with upbeat synths and a danceable bass line, all intertwined with the pop newcomer’s exceptional vocals.

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‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ is the Sydney-born dark pop singer’s first release of 2019. It was written by Cxloe, J Kash (Maroon 5, Charlie Puth) and Oscar Sikow, who also produced it with Andrew Wells (Meghan Trainor). The track not only proves Cxloe’s vocal prowess but her capabilities as a talented lyricist as well with open, raw lyrics that tell of self-reflection and vulnerability.

Of the track, Cxloe says:

“‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ is an unfortunate mantra I’ve found myself living by… I drew a lot of melodic inspiration from Joni Mitchell. You could say it’s my inner child speaking through my adult self. I always seem to find a way to sabotage things that mean the most to me like relationships, family, friends, and career. It’s a valuable lesson that I can’t have nice things.”

You can watch the video for Cxloe‘s last single, ‘Show You’ here:

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

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