'Holding On' from Becky and The Birds gets a video

As debuts go, 'Holding On' from Becky and the Birds is one of the most exciting we've seen for a while.

Becky and the Birds is the moniker of Thea Gustafsson, the 21-year-old from Örebro who writes, produces and sings all her own music and attended the prestigious Musikmakarna Songwriters Academy of Sweden, which kickstarted the careers of LÉON and Skott.

Thea has already clocked up millions of streams as a topline vocalist in high profile collaborations, however these relentless sessions with all-male producers began to grate on her and has led her to develop her own guise; Becky and the Birds.

Becky and the Birds sees Thea taking ownership of her own work, while rejecting the pop saturated sound of her native Sweden.

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