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Hear all about Hazards of Love

In support of their recent release ‘The Hazards of Love' The Decemberists will be playing two hotly anticipated UK (ie London) shows this November. They will play both the album in its entirety and a retrospectives set comprised of songs from the band's back catalogue.

Having last visited the shores of the UK in October 2007 when they played a rapturous sold out show at the Royal Festival Hall, The Decemberists are set to return with a very special show indeed. They will play at the Forum, London on 18th November and The Coronet London on 19th November.‘. Ticket and booking details are below.

Reaction in the US to The Decemberists ‘Hazards Of Love’ live shows have been phenomenal;

"The Hazards of Love is an all-or-nothing proposition... Yet the large form found coherence; melodies gained strength and resonance each time they returned to underline a plot parallel, as Mr. Meloy's libretto traced arcs from desire and love to destruction and oblivion."
-The New York Times

"The Decemberists played from start to end their album The Hazards of Love. It's quite an impressive work-a big rock opera/musical with a weaving fantasy storyline and a sound that incorporates heavy metal and gentle, intricate '60s British folk. The band was in absolute control of the new material and with a powerful presence, singer-composer Colin Meloy spun the tale... a remarkable experience."
-The Wall Street Journal

"The Decemberists came armed to the teeth for their album's live premiere... The Hazards of Love is unashamedly over the top in its dreams and execution. And at the Decemberists nailed it that way. Their opera is ready for the road."
-Rolling Stone

"Indie Rock Show of the Year? Last night's riveting, and indeed, bombastic re-creation of the disc at Radio City Music Hall proved Meloy inflates his music, and not himself. He affably ceded the best songs to the guest singers, who made them so: Lavender Diamond's Becky Stark and My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden. The diamond twins, they dazzled."
-New York Magazine

"Last night, the Decemberists played The Hazards of Love in its entirety, for the first time ever... it was a triumph...Colin Meloy's latest sprawling rock opera grew on me, the raw emotion cutting through the frilly window-dressing and the metal (yes, metal) parts feeling more and more assured. The album's few repeating musical themes lodged in my brainstem and refused to leave, and I realized: this band has pulled it off yet again."

Tickets for the UK shows go on sale 9am Wednesday 29th July, priced £18.50 and will be available from

Date: Wednesday 18th November, 2009
Venue: London, Forum
Ticket: £18.50

Date: Thursday 19th November, 2009
Venue: London, Coronet
Ticket: £18.50

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