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He who dares wins, Rod....sod that here’s Milburn


Currently riding high on the wave of their own internet publicity (ala Arctic Monkeys), are Sheffield Indie hopefuls, Milburn. They’re all over the Interbob at the moment and have recently completed a UK Tour supporting The Rifles. Many of the dates were sold out with most people turning up clamouring to check out Milburn. The band have been playing some storming sets and are well on their way to sure-fire success.

This is the band that will be written about everywhere soon as their new single 'Send In The Boys' is released on March 27 (this coming Monday). Only fools would miss this band.

Steal a march on everyone else and hear and download their tunes now at their Myspace page:

Myspace - Milburn

Their next gig is on March 29 at their much subscribed sold out show at the Bush Hall in London.

Find out more at their website:

Website - Milburn

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