Hannah Cohen’s new track, ‘This Is Your Life’, is a sumptuous and beautiful experience

An astounding track released to mark the announcement of her third album

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Listening to Hannah Cohen’s voice is akin to wrapping yourself in your favourite blanket and taking a break from the world around you – and it’s never been more wonderful than here on ‘This Is Your Life’ – released to mark the announcement of the artists third studio album, Welcome Home, set for release on 26th April.

It was the beginning of September and NYC was in the midst of a big heat wave,” Cohen says of the track. “It was very early in the morning and my partner was still sleeping, even with the air conditioning buzzing away. I was working on this song in the bathroom so I wouldn’t wake him up. At the time we were searching for our first apartment together, and had seen about 27 apartments in person. All were gross or out of our price range. It was definitely a catalyst for wanting to move out of the city – and it all came rushing at me. I really needed a change. Locked in a boiling hot bathroom, playing my nylon-string guitar, I realized that this is it… my life is crazy, it’s time to make a big move.”

Hannah Cohen has arrived home. From the title of her new album to the depth and beauty of the music, the Woodstock, NY-based singer-songwriter’s third album Welcome Home displays a new level of confidence and comfort with the many creative tools at her disposal. Cohen’s remarkably evocative voice is surrounded by dreamy, swooning incantations, from the rippling “This Is Your Life” and the slow-burning, forthright statement of “All I Want,” to the soul swagger of “Get in Line” and dramatic vocal leaps of “Wasting My Time.” 

With Welcome Home“I don’t feel I have to cover up anything, or not be able to share,”  Cohen says.“There’s less to interpret, I’m more visible. And as to reflecting on the past when things didn’t go well, I’ve left that behind. It was all worth it, to make my way to this point.”

Welcome Home is set for release on 26th April and will feature the following tracks:

  • This Is Your Life
  • All I Wanted
  • Dissolving
  • Holding On
  • What’s This All About
  • Old Bruiser
  • Get In Line
  • Wasting My Time
  • Return Room
  • Build Me Up

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

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Hannah Cohen’s new track, ‘This Is Your Life’, is a sumptuous and beautiful experience | The Digital Fix