HANĀ Releases Debut Single 'Traitors'

At just 20 years old, Manchester-based electro-pop artist HANĀ has this week released her debut single.

'Traitors' was originally written as a dance piece for college, but has been re-recorded at Manchester's Airtight Studios. Although this is her debut single, HANĀ has been writing songs since the age of 14 after being taught to play the piano by her father.

Talking about the song, HANĀ said:

"It's a song about how a young man was manipulated into a terrorist organisation with promises of god and glory. The lyrics say how he is brainwashed by carrying out cruel acts of terrorism for the wrong reasons; only to later realise the true consequences of his actions. I wrote this song because I wanted to show the act of terrorism from a different perspective - there's always a different side to every story!"

HANĀ is currently in the studio working on more new music, so watch out for further releases. Listen to 'Traitors' below.

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