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Guillemots - 'We're Here' Video

Following on from last year’s critically acclaimed debut EP ‘I Saw Such Things In My Sleep’ and single ‘Trains To Brazil’, the endlessly inventive Guillemots return with a new single, ‘We’re Here’, released by Polydor/Fantastic Plastic records on March 27th.

The video for ‘We’re Here’ is available to view by simply clicking the link below:

Click here for the Guillemots ‘We’re Here’ Video

Written and arranged by lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield, and co-produced by Fyfe and New-York based Chris Shaw, whose previous credits include Bob Dylan, Super Furry Animals, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, ‘We’re Here’ is doggedly ambitious pop music, its soaring melody backed by – amongst other things - musical saw, strings, castanets and a tumbling rhumba beat.

“It’s just a song about nature really,” says Fyfe, sadly dispelling the internet myth that the song was a Broadway-style tune announcing the band’s arrival on the UK music scene. “As humans, we think we’re so important and powerful, but occasionally you have a moment when you actually feel, for a split second, just how insignificant we are in the overall scheme of things. And that can be such an exhilarating feeling.”

Available on CD, as well as 7” and 10” vinyl, each format features different B-sides, all newly recorded in recent weeks. The CD features the gentle Dangerfield song ‘Burnt’, and the electro-shock of ‘I’ve got a Problem (and the Problem is You / Turn the Candles On’), improvised live in the studio. The haunting ‘Monotonia’, written and produced by guitarist MC Lord Magrao, is on the 7”, whilst ‘Falling over my Feet’, again largely improvised by the band in a bleary-eyed late-night stupor, is to be found on the 10”.

Hailing from Birmingham, Canada, Brazil and the Scottish Highlands respectively, Guillemots are: Fyfe Dangerfield (keyboards, vocals), Aristazabal Hawkes (double bass), Mc LorD maGrAO (guitar) and Rican Caol (drums).

Rapidly establishing themselves as the one of the UK’s most exciting new bands, Guillemots are a self-confessed mass of contradictions, revelling in diversity whilst dancing in a curiously sensual way with all things “pop”, guiLLeMoTs make modern lullabies for uneasy times.

At their core are 4 members: singer/keyboardist Fefe Dangerfield, who also has sidelines in “unintellectual” classical music and electronica, percussionist Rican Caol, who has been described as having a “deranged” view of rhythm, guitarist MC Lord MagRaO, who for many years performed guerrilla gigs in Sao Paolo which consisted solely of him, a friend, and a giant clothes peg, and double bassist Aristazabal Hawkes, who recently spent a long, confusing summer playing on a cruise ship for a man who purported to be named Johnny Favorite. Sonic wanderers all, guiLLeMoTs’ strength derives from their very differences. “This shouldn’t work”, they beam, and carry on.


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