Groundhog Day is the new video from Look Mum No Computer

East Anglia’s eccentric singer, producer and inventor Look Mum No Computer has released his debut single ‘Groundhog Day’.

Created with synthesisers he built himself, ‘Groundhog Day’ is a wacky and feel-good introduction into the mind of Sam Battle aka Look Mum No Computer. With a big bouncy beat he pulls together chopped up vocal samples and warped synth noises, fracturing minds as if The Flaming Lips went hip hop and jammed with Rat Boy.

Regarding the single Look Mum No Computer says, “‘Groundhog Day’ is about…. well, the film Groundhog Day alluded towards the concept. EVERY DAY BEING THE DAMN SAME. You get up, get on with your daily routines then you die, and that my friends, is life…. SO MAKE THE MOST OF IT.”

Having toured his mindboggling musical inventions all around the world, fans have a taste of the great surprises and sense of the bizarre that comes with Look Mum No Computer live.

Look Mum No Computer has announced a headline London show at Electrowerkz on May 30th. Ahead of this he will complete a seven-date headline tour of Germany. He has also been announced to play Deer Shed Festival.

The tour sees him take most of his self-made studio, synthesisers and more on the road with him. Full Look Mum No Computer tour dates and tickets can be found here.

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