Gospel-tinged ‘Demise’ is the new track from Harmony Byrne

Australian singer Harmony Byrne has released her new track ‘Demise’ – it’s a curious, and enticing, gospel tinged track puts Byrne’s powerful voice front and centre. Listen below.

Byrne says about the recording, “I wrote ‘Demise’ over the course of many years, starting with the spoken word part in 2011 when I was listening to The Doors a lot and was inspired by their lyrics. I recorded the song out in the forest to tape, live with my band and best friends. I wanted it to capture the demise of humanity. It’s a call to be better, to listen, to love, to be greater than our flesh seemingly permits us, and it’s an acknowledgment that we are all in it together.”

Harmony Byrne is the third of seven children in a Mormon family in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up with a love of church hymns until she fell in love with the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll as a teenager. After enrolling in the Waldorf School of the Arts in Melbourne, Byrne devoted her time to learning guitar and piano, and developed her songwriting repertoire. During the last 5 years she lived with members of The Teskey Brothers among the trees in Warrandyte, Victoria, then opened for them on a UK tour, and, ultimately, gained recognition of her own in Australia as a touring solo artist. Now, at 26, her sound captures the evocative yearning of Jeff Buckley, the tantalising blues of Janis Joplin and the rapturous rock of Led Zeppelin

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 02, 2019

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Gospel-tinged ‘Demise’ is the new track from Harmony Byrne | The Digital Fix