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Gorillaz - Dare Video

Animated super group Gorillaz will be releasing their new single 'Dare' on August 29. 'Dare' will be the second single to be taken from their No. 1 album Demon Days.

The video features the guest vocalist, Shaun Ryder. Set in Noodle's bedroom, deep within the bowels of the band's lair Kong Studios, it sees Shaun and Gorillaz' guitarist Noodle lost in a world of their own. Developed by the award-winning team of Jamie Hewlett and Passion Picture's Pete Candeland, it's a glimpse into the home life of the band.

'Dare' will be released on 2 CD formats and DVD. Bsides include a live version of smash hit Clint Eastwood recorded at Sarm Studios last month and featuring the vocals and new lyrics from De La Soul and the Pharcyde's Bootie Brown. Also included are 3 exclusive new tracks; Highway (Under Construction), People and Samba at 13.

To view the video, simply click one of the links below:

Real Player - Low Bandwith / High Bandwith

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Dare / Clint Eastwood (live) - feat. De La Soul and Bootie Brown

Dare / Highway (Under Construction) / Dare Soulwax Remix

Dare (Video) / Dare Animatic / People / Samba at 13

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