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Glasgow signing sesh for Idlewild

Carefully cut-and-pasted from press release:

Fopp is pleased to announce that Idlewild will be signing copies of their new single “No Emotion” at Fopp’s Glasgow Union Street store!

Formed in Edinburgh way back in 1995, Idlewild are gearing up for the release of their 5th full length album. After evolving from a punky debut through to the arty indie rock of the critically acclaimed ‘100 broken Windows’ and ‘The Remote part’, Idlewild have always known how to write a decent tune and their latest effort is no exception. Despite numerous line up changes and the release of a solo album by frontman Roddy Woomble, thankfully Idlewild have stayed intact. Come down to Fopp’s Glasgow Union street store to celebrate this fact, where the boys will be signing copies of their new single ‘No Emotion:

Fopp Glasgow, Union Street, Monday February 26th at 1pm

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