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Get on stage with Goldie Lookin' Chain...

Going to see the GLC? Fancy getting on stage with them for a boogie? First you're gonna have to put in a bit of effort.

Press release:

Basically, the person who makes the biggest effort in getting dressed up at each show, gets to go onstage with the band for the last song of the set.  Fans have always made an effort (a lot of dressing like robots!) and this is a way to give an incentive to those who fancy dressing up, in coming up with novel ways of expressing their inner Goldie Lookin Soul.

If you fancy this all you have to do is make your way over to the merch stand before the show starts to have their picture taken, and the person who made the most effort/looks the best wins a Goldie Lookin Ticket to go onstage and dance around with the band, couldn’t be easier…..

All the fancy dress pictures from that night’s show will also go up on the band’s website each night after the gig, together with the band’s tour blog.

New single By Any Means Necessary out March 16th.

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