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The First Aid Kit Summer Sessions

Following on from the YouTube phenomenon that was their cover of Fleet Foxes ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ (currently at over 600,000 views), Johanna and Klara have decided to get their video camera out again this Summer... From July onwards they will be asking for ideas and suggestions on songs that you’d like them to cover by contacting them through Twitter.

By messaging the girls at @faksessions, they will then choose a suggestion and go and film themselves singing and playing in various locations around their town. Johanna and Klara are going to be making several trips around Europe and to the UK this Summer too; what with Latitude, Field Day & Underage, Standon Calling, Summer Sundae and End Of The Road all confirmed, and so they’re bringing their camera with them wherever they go. Keep an eye on their website ( as they’re hoping to do as many sessions as they can whilst on the road – be it in a cafe in Paris, on the boating lake in Hyde Park – message over your location and cover suggestions, and check back to the site to see if they’ve fulfilled your request!

They launch the website with a brand new session - 'Universal Soldier' by Buffy Sainte-Marie.
Klara explains their song choice:

"This song was written in the early sixties by Buffy Sainte-Marie, it’s about individual responsibility for war. We wanted to sing this song because, unfortunately, it still is so true today and will probably be so for years to come. We changed the lyrics a bit to make it more relevant to today’s society."

Pay special attention at festivals, as who only knows where they’ll turn up - follow their Twitter and you may find yourself around a camp fire being serenaded by Klara and Johanna!

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