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FBC Fabric & Reindeer release Soulsuck EP

From Nile-On:

FBC Fabric & Reindeer

Long time, left of centre, hip-hop producer, FBC Fabric and South-London wordsmith, Reindeer join forces to present this limited edition EP. Hard hitting observational lyrics and thoughtfully crafted, curious beats combined with the fact that there are only 100 copies pressed to vinyl is sure to see the soulsuck EP attain record collector status. Add to that the fact that this is one of the initial releases from Buttercuts – home to BC400 – and it seems that Fabric and Reindeer have all the ingredients for a dizzying bid now price on E Bay in the aftermath of a stream of impending critical acclaim.

The title track and A side Soulsuck, sees Reindeer and FBC compliment each other beautifully, Reindeer lays his nihilist outlook of today’s style over substance society with an eloquence normally only associated with spoken word versifiers. A bleak and stark eye opener to the vacuous existence of western life which FBC Fabric parodies by emulating Reindeers lyrics through his beats, using reversed brass and strings to create an osmosing atmosphere.

On the flip-side FBC Fabric, exploits the 4:4 time signature superbly with double-time, triple-time, and alternate bar, beats and synths to create a panic driven track not dissimilar to Massive Attack’s, Angel which dissipates wonderfully into passenger.

Drawing his influences from a wide pool of styles, Reindeer began recording as an emcee in late 1997. As much Sonic Youth as De La Soul, his flow has developed over the course of time and grown into a vehicle worthy of delivering his honest and fiercely left-field raps which detail emotional struggles along side societies ills. Have your trigger finger at the ready because FBC and Reindeer offer you plenty of reasons to reset your stylus or hit rewind on your CD player. Soulsuck is a thoughtful emotive EP of three very well selected street poetry cuts from the forthcoming LP ‘Reindeer’, the briefness of the EP is agitating but then surely that is exactly what an extended player is all about…whetting our appetites.

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