Emma Stevens announces Pledge campaign for her new EP, Atoms

Emma Stevens has announced her next project, the EP Atoms, and has launched a Pledge Music campaign to raise the funds needed for the release.

Launching on Pledge Music, Emma says...

I’m so pleased to be back with PledgeMusic for the third time to raise funds to support my new EP, “Atoms”. Following the success of my previous album, “To My Roots”, released last year, I’ve been thinking about how the industry is changing so much with the emphasis now on digital and streaming, which is why I’ve decided that I would like to release an EP rather than a full album. That’s not to say there won’t be another album in the future! But right now I have a selection of songs which fit perfectly together as they are.

On my last tour earlier this year, I was able to perform one of the brand new songs called “Atoms”. It’s a song that took me nearly six years to write and from which the new EP takes it’s title.

I’m also so excited about this EP for many reasons! I’ve collaborated with some amazing people including Sam Rommer (an incredible musician and also my other half!) and the insanely talented Kevin Jeremiah, from the band “The Feeling”. We started writing together and it just clicked!

Recording and producing an album doesn’t come cheap! There are so many costs involved, which usually a major label would cover, but for a self-funded artist like me I need the kind help of all my loyal Pledgers!

There are lots of exciting goodies and experiences available, so I hope you’ll find something you’ll love and by pledging you’ll be part of “Team Emma” with access to all

Pop on over to Pledge Music to pre-order Atoms now and pick up some fantastic pledge rewards.

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