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Elvis finds his Mojo - Elvis - Mojo vote

The readers of UK music magazine Mojo have voted Elvis Presley's 1954 session with Sun Records as the key world-changing moment in music.

The Elvis session beat Bob Dylan's switch from acoustic to electric guitars in 1965 into second place, with the 1977 release of The Clash's debut single White Riot picking up the last podium spot.

Of more recent events, Nirvana's 1990 tour was the highest placed, at number 9.

The top 5 were:

1. Elvis Presley records That's All Right, 1954
2. Bob Dylan goes electric, 1965
3. The Clash release White Riot, 1977
4. The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, 1964
5. The Rolling Stones release Jumpin' Jack Flash, 1968

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