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Download The Demos By Hot New Band Snow White

The chaotic collision of the band that is Snow White, have their single 'Barbarico/The Death Of Lynda Lee' out now and available to buy in all good record stores. Strictly limited in numbers, if you want a copy you'd better snap one up quick. You can order online from or

The band have some excellent demos available to download from the following link:

Snow White Demo Downloads

'Snow White are an exhilarating, gut-wrenching colossus of a band. Respectfully incorporating the greats: the Stones, the Who, Led Zep, the Roses, while maintaining an effortlessly contemporary edge, they combine sleazy, sexy, trashy lyrics with funk-filled party beats and epic choruses, blending the anarchic spirit of punk with the hedonism of early 90s baggy. Brimming with characteristic Northern swagger, but with a side order of East London fashionista sleaze, their songs are a lesson in throbbing, grimey slap-bass giving way to huge euphoric dance freak outs swiftly followed by instantly memorable terrace sing-along choruses before climaxing in ‘Slash-style’ monster solos and then finally bringing you back down to earth with a gentle, contemplative outro, or an occasional pensive kazoo riff.

After meeting in a town north of London, the trio formed a strong friendship bonding over a shared love of the simple pleasures of Rock and Roll. Moving to London to fulfil their dreams of stardom, they were soon spotted getting off the train by talent scout Charles Dickens-Lloyd III. After respected session drummer Dave learnt the songs, the band have been consistently turning in solid live performances across North London since mid-2002.'

Barbarico/The Death Of Lynda Lee

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