'Don't Forget' is the new Dido-inspired video from Sophia Bel

Montreal via Quebec City artist Sophia Bel’s musical aesthetics are both delightfully arcane and modestly unsettling. Raised on the crest of the early-2000’s skate-punk and emo wave, she draws inspiration from the blurry outlines of her own childhood, exploring electro-pop and trip-hop productions and injecting each song with candour and irresistible melancholy.

Earlier this year Sophia announced her first single since 2017, "Time," along with announcing her debut EP titled "Princess of the Dead, Vol. 1." Taking inspiration from Moby, "Time" is punctuated by a fat, clunking bass synth, singular, steady snare, and delicate, reverberant piano. Sophia's ghostly vocals come in before the track blooms into a lushly emotive soundscape over a relaxed hip-hop beat.

Today Sophia shares a second shade of the EP's moody blue hue with "Don't Forget" that has an effortlessly weightless quality; soft-strummed guitar and chunky synths come together to convey a sense of romantic nostalgia as Sophia holds onto the remnants of a love drifting away. "Let's pick it up where we left it, don't forget it," Sophia sings.

The song is inspired by Dido and Avril Lavigne and the video was filmed in Sophia's Montreal apartment bathroom in one continuous shot. This can’t get more intimate.

Sophia's debut EP "Princess of the Dead, Vol. 1" arrives April 26th.

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