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If there's one job full of chancing charlatans it's DJaying.

Yes boss, playing records without gaps betwixt and between, remains as easy a way to pull chicks and cokey claim genius status as exists in the musical world, and as the noughties has progressed this skill has been made easier and easier...

From the original vinyl decks, to cds and now onto laptops using software like Ableton and Tractor, the whole game has mutated and changed into something that can be done by a well trained monkey.

Shit, it makes you feel old when you think of an artform has evolved completely within the time you've been going to nightclubs...

Anyway, DJaying with the original basics of two 1210 Technics turntables and a mixer remains a fine and evry clever art and there's no better practicers of this than the yearly competitors in the DMC World Championships.

These boys are the proper DJ pros. The guys who choose to make to difficult for themselves. The guys who eat drink and sleep vinyl and Technics 1210s. The men who can cut a record quicker and neater than Christiano Ronaldo can step over a football. The boys who make the good old turntable into a rather special musical instrument..

So, this years DMC final finds itself at Indigo O2 in London (site of the wonderful Prince Aftershows on his recent 21 day run) and it's set to be a feast of DJ and DJ related genius that's anything but what you see in your local pub..

The competition is broken down into a selection of events over two days.

On Saturday 7th of October there's The Battle For World Supremacy.

This is a solo head-to-head knock out competition where competitors try to out skill their opponent using nothing but turntables and cleverly constructed routines.

Representing the British contingent is the tough talking Switch who takes to the stage for the second consecutive year.

Later that same day comes the World Team Championship, in which a DJ collective of two or more persons combines their skills resulting in the construction of jaw dropping turntable orchestras.

If that lot ain't enough to make you realise you're simply a bad chancing amateur, on Sunday, there's the main event - The Individual World Championships.

This is the big one, the 100 metres final of the DJaying world ...

Each contestant gets 6 minutes to put their skills to the test and prove that they're the undisputed champion.

This years UK Champion, JFB goes up against 25 other global contenders in an attempt to bring the title of World DMC Champion home, a feat that hasn't been achieved since the Scratch Perverts DJ Plus One won the title in 2001.

So, if you fancy yourself as some kind of a selector or equally if you want to be amazed and astounded at the speed of the fingers of a proper DJ, get yourself down to the O2 on the 6th and 7th, watch and wonder...
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