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Debut EP from Twin Falls

It's sunny so why not peruse a press release in a shady place?

TWIN FALLS - ‘We Will Begin To Flicker’

Release date 27th july 09 through Nordic Fir via digital download & very limited edition cd.

“We Will Begin To Flicker”, the debut six song EP was recorded in a freezing outhouse in Somerset during the biggest British snowstorm in twenty years by West Country/ London/ based tune-smiths/ collective [of sorts] Twin Falls.

Rising from the dying embers of the much loved and sorely missed UK indie label Exercise 1 [50minutes, Jeremy Warmsley, Twin Thousands], Twin Falls was brought to life by one Luke Stidson, a founder of the label, who started to indulge his irrepressible passion for playing guitar, writing the odd tune and recording himself.
It wasn’t long before this little spark, set by Luke, turned from a tiny flicker into a roaring flame. Like moths attracted to the light, along came one supporting member, then the next and on… until you had Mark, Tom, Tom, Emma and Helen all fluttering about, all contributing, turning what started as one person’s obsession into a proper band, with this, their very own ep.

Nothing is quite as it seems with these musical eclectics. Their influences range from American alt country, like Ryan Adams and Wilco to Sparklehorse, The Divine Comedy and Magnetic Fields. They gleefully lead you down one rabbit hole only for you to pop up like a startled meerkat in an amazing Alice in wonderland musical world…

The arrangements are awash with misfit instruments including bouzoukis, cellos, violins, glockenspiels, banjo, mandolins, thigh slaps, hand claps, even vocals from Mark's 4 year old daughter. Not satisfied with writing, recording and producing the whole thing, the band are also self releasing this masterpiece through their own 'Nordic Fir' label and keeping all production, sleeve design and even some of the manufacturing duties in-house. No doubt instigated by Luke, who knows about this stuff from his earlier experiences with the label.

Polished and mastered by Dave Holmes [Bloc Party, The Rakes, The Subways, Mystery Jets], “We Will Begin To Flicker” will be available digitally from July 2009 through iTunes [and other download stores] as well as on extremely limited collectable edition CD package.

Take this musical hallucinogen once and it will forever become your drug of choice.

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