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Debut album from Cats For Peru

Press release:

Thee SPC and Phantom Power Records are very proud to jointly release the debut album from Cats For Peru "Attack Of The Pitching Machine" on 7 December.

The album has slowly evolved from Cats For Peru’s formation in 2007, focussing on their love of prog, postrock and independent pop. The fruits of their labour are worth the wait: "Attack Of The Pitching Machine" is packed with emotionally charged songs and larger-than-life melodies that practically beg you to press the repeat button.

"Love In A Lift" is stomping and mesmerising in equal measure, with a good old-fashioned catchy sing-along chorus thrown in. A ukulele has never sounded so epic! Likewise "I Love You More Than Evolution" mashes together disparate influences with impressively ambitious melodic punch. The single "Asleep In Monaco" is quite simply a gorgeously simmering pop song.

Throughout the album, and crowning their inventive arrangements, sits the beguiling, elating voice of lead singer Ad Follet - surely one of the best vocalists to emerge from Sheffield in recent years.

Cats For Peru are named after an odd tale from Parkgate, Northern Ireland where rumour spread of a strange and elusive South American catching cats to take back to his native Peru. Cats For Peru are out to catch things too: your hearts.

They play the following dates in support:

October 22nd - Ryan’s Bar, Derby
November 14th - Power’s, Kilburn, London
December 11th - The Elbow Room, Leeds
December 19th - The Grapes, Sheffield

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