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Death to Trad Rock!

Cherry Red release Death To Trad Rock on 26 October, a companion release to the John Robb (The Membranes, Goldblade) book of the same name.

Press release:

Here on one CD, picked by the bands themselves are 25 of the defining tracks of the era. An era when in the mid-Eighties, as Thatcher turned the screw and the charts overflowed with what felt to many like the most boring pop music ever made, the underground exploded. The post-post-punk scene was a diverse collection of bands brought together by independent releases and a never-ending series of gigs performed in off centre venues the length and breadth of the UK, aided by reportage in fanzines and radio play from John Peel.

Some of these acts went on to mainstream success, some were rounded up and herded awkwardly into the NME's C86 bracket whilst others faded away, only to become seminal influences in later years. In Death To Trad Rock we meet everybody involved and find out just how they all arrived at such an unlikely tangent in such a boring decade. On Death To Trad Rock -The Album we hear the beautiful noise they created.

Tracklisting: Terminus -The Cravats / Spike Milligan’s Tape Recorder -The Membranes / A.W.O.L (Live In Chicago) The Three Johns / The Rise Of The Dutch Republic -The Ex / Crafty Fag - The Nightingales / Cuba - Big Flame! / Loudhailer Song - A Witness / My Favourite Dress - The Wedding Present / Motorcity Age Of Chance / Sick Tired And Drunk June Brides / Magic Triggers – Wolfhounds / Food Of The Dogs Ac Temple / Hedonist Hat Pig Bros / Balloon Girl - Dog Faced Hermans / Daytripper – Beethoven / Keep Beat - Vee Vv / Van With Square Wheels – Shrug / Dilyn Dylan – Fflaps / Break Bone - Death By Milkfloat / Wishing Well – Turncoats / Adam Pick – Prolapse / What Do You Want?- Fes Parker / Everyone's A Winner Baby – Dawson / St Petersburg Series -Ceramic Hobbs / Very Flexible- Saradon

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