Daisy Clark's new track is her 'most honest and personal yet'

Daisy Clark's new track is her 'most honest and personal yet'

Up and coming pop star, Daisy Clark, is certainly making the best out of 2020 and her new track 'Hope It Hurts You' which hits streaming services tomorrow is being described as her most honest and personal yet - and we'll add to that - it's also the best track she's released so far.

'Hope It Hurts You' follows the release of ‘Battle Scars’ in June 2020 and is the first of three brand new tracks due out in the coming months. Her most honest and personal song yet, ‘Hope It Hurts You’ sees Daisy share her break-up story with raw emotion, baring her soul with lyrics that portray Daisy’s own feelings of betrayal, loss and heartache which are no doubt relatable to many. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel as Daisy sings about happier times ahead, and coming to the realisation that she deserves, and will find something better, “when I’m travelling the world, and I’m treated like I should be, and when I’m in love with someone who only wants me.”

Daisy said, “Hope It Hurts You is one of my favourite songs that I have written, so I’m so glad to be releasing it, especially after the amazing response I received when I shared it on YouTube. It’s amazing to see the song has not only helped me, but others going through something similar.”

You can pre-save 'Hope It Hurts You' here.

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