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Crazy Frog Ringtone to Hit the Charts?

The annoying ringtone of a frog accelerating on day time television has been stripped, sampled and remixed into the track Axel F and is now set to be a monster selling single, released 2nd May on Gusto Records.

Crazy Frog 'Axel F' is the spawn of Germany's Reinhard Raith and Wolfgang Boss. Reinhard is one part of the 'Bass Bumpers' - who also produced Angel City, Despina Vandi, VooDoo & Serano, CJ Stone and Resource and are the hottest dance production team in Germany. Wolfgang is the director of Mach 1 Records (a joint venture label with Ministry Of Sound, Germany) who has previously has had massive hits with the likes of Obsession "Aventura" and Haiducii "Dragostea din tei" - both selling well in excess of 1 Million across Europe.

Reinhard: "The Crazy Frog ringtone was huge in Germany and I believed it would make a great dance record. It needed a melody, something to get the hands in the air, and Wolfgang suggested the Axel F record which is one of the best "hands up" tunes ever made."

Crazy Frog uses the original vocals and image from the Jamster ringtone advert - and will be supported by a full length animation video starring the Frog himself.

To hear a taster of the new Frog enhanced Axel F click here

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