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Classical String Quartet to support Joe Jackson and Todd Rundgren

Critically acclaimed classical string quartet, ETHEL, are special guests of Joe Jackson and Todd Rundgren on a massive full-scale 2005 US and European Tour. The European tour starts on May 30th at the Portsmouth Guildhall
(UK) and will also include concerts in Bristol, York, Gateshead, London, Leicester, Edinburgh and Liverpool. In June Ethel the tour will continue with shows in Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

Ethel is a 21st-century realisation of the classical string quartet model featuring uptown and downtown performing stalwarts Ralph Farris, Dorothy Lawson, Todd Reynolds, and Mary Rowell. Their credentials read like a who's who of classical, contemporary, and popular music. From the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and the Steve Reich Ensemble to the Sheryl Crow Band and the Roger Daltrey Band, Ethel brings together a vast spectrum of performing
and recording experiences. They have performed on Joe Jackson's "Night
and Day II" album, and Todd Rundgren wrote a piece of music for them in 2000.

Unencumbered by convention, genre or style, the tastes, talents and experiences of these four musicians come together to create a flexible entity that is committed to exploring new possibilities in string quartet performance. Their debut album has been critically acclaimed by John L.Walters of the Guardian newspaper.

"I wish there were more rock bands that played like Ethel," says Walters. "What you get from Ethel is the sense of the performers participating in the act of making a living, breathing music that brings the format back into contemporary life and culture while remaining an acoustic string quartet."

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