Blossom Caldarone shares her new video for ‘Life Again’

She’s taking to the stage at Bestival this month

‘Life Again’ is the new track from Blossom Caldarone – and it continues her good work in forging her own musical path. She’ll be taking to the stage at Bestival on 5th August so if you’re there she’s well worth checking out.

It’s rare to find a talent as uniquely refreshing as Blossom Caldarone. Arriving like a breath of fresh air at the tail end of 2017, she charmed everyone with her debut release ‘Fairytale Lullaby’, and it’s witty follow up ‘Fickle Friend’. Having started penning and performing songs when she was only 12, Blossom was inspired by her love for 50s doo-wop girl bands (The Chordettes, The McGuire Sisters). Now she’s 19 she has become a brilliantly intelligent songwriter and a whip-smart lyricist whose music muses over not only her own experiences of the world so far, but the experiences of the characters she knows and loves.

Inspired by an everyday conversation with her grandmother about growing old, Blossom crafted her brilliant new track ‘Life Again’. The accompanying video beautifully captures the relationship between young and old and the understanding and friendship than can exist between them. Like the track, the video is perfectly playful and uplifting but equally thought-provoking.

On writing the track Blossom says, “I wrote ‘Life Again’ after a conversation with my gonna; she said she was struggling with everything changing as she’s getting old and how she feels like her time here is done. It’s just about, despite how much we want to, we can’t control getting old”

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Updated: Aug 02, 2018

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