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Black Sabbath Never Say Die

Collectively, they formed Black Sabbath and forged the most haunting and hypnotic rock sound of all time. From humble beginnings, the Birmingham quartet enslaved the minds and souls of millions of rock fans around the world, and continue to do so into the new millennium. The musical genre they created inspired countless musicians and spawned countless bands. Selling multiple millions of albums to date, Sabbath’s massive influence on modern music cannot be underestimated.

The 21st September 2009 will see five classic Black Sabbath albums with original tracklistings remastered and re-issued in deluxe digipack formats – featuring brand new liner notes. The albums to be re-issued are “Vol 4” (1972), “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (1973), “Sabotage” (1975), “Technical Ecstasy” (1976) and “Never Say Die!” (1978). These five albums feature classic Black Sabbath tracks such as “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, “Changes”, “Symptom Of The Universe”, “Dirty Woman” and “Never Say Die” - and as such they are essential additions to any music fans collection.

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