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Black Friday: Al-Namrood announce album

I used to be fascinated by kids from Columbia or Singapore playing in punk bands 'cos it often seemed like a pretty dangerous thing to do. I can't imagine the Saudi authorities are hugely enthused with the idea of people playing black metal in their midst, so let's raise the horns in their honour.

Al-Namrood's first full length album release date has been set to 20 April 2009.

Al-Namrood, the despotic kings of pure Arabian black metal have returned from the blistering desert heat with a full-length release. If the demo release was any indication of what was to come for the future of Al-Namrood, this will be captivating. With the Arabian language utilized in a form never heard of before; atmospheric black metal combined with pure Arabian influence; and of course residing in the most strictest of all countries when it comes to religion; this 2009 Al-Namrood unleashing should enthrall. A revolutionary attempt in a country where black metal is absent, and dissent is suppressed. The Shah's of Arabian Black Metal have returned, and spreading the word of the almighty Shaytan.


1. A'hd Al Jahiliyah
2. Ebadt Al Bashar
3. Entesarat Al Ashawes
4. Fe Al Diajee Td'hudh Nafs Rakhisa
5. Fe Zafrat Al Mout
6. Naqoos Alkhatar
7. Ya'jooj Wa Ma'jool
8. Jabaroot Al Shar
9. Seher Aswad
10. Sadam, Ramz Al Btula

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