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Betty Curse "Met on the Internet" Single Details

At only 19 years old, Betty Curse has been said to be the real life incarnation of cult Japanese cartoon character Emily Strange. Destined to be the poster-girl for a new Goth Pop generation, and signed to Island Records Group with labelmates including Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey and The Mars Volta, Betty brings us a bridge between Voice Of The Beehive and Souixsie And The Banshees.

Betty’s first single release will be the double a-sided vinyl and download release of ‘Met On The Internet’ and ‘Excuse All The Blood’, out on 29th May, the former a rebellion chant for all teen outcasts out there, the latter an ode to the late Dead from Mayhem, titled after his rather dry suicide note.

Betty’s first commercial CD release, ‘God This Hurts’, will be released in August.

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