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Battant get the remix treatment

It's been ages since Kill The DJ brought out a vinyl ep... times change and BATTANT deserve it no?

Firstly Mickey Moonlight. The London posse. We've compiled his tracks as early as 2000. Remember that he put out records under the name of SONOVAC or Midnight Mike on his own label - Flesh Records. The sound was rocky and noisy, and through him we discovered the hit by Zongamin "serious trouble". He takes Battant from the gutters of London to beaches in the tropics. In his own words "science fiction exotica". A lesson in style particularly joyful, for those who can take it on board. Subtle, delicate and falsely naïve. Classy stuff.

Marc Houle is a long way from the tropics. The most rock'n'roll of the producers at Minus, a connoisseur and collector of minimal wave. His remix is an hallucination of druggy darkness, originality and efficiency. We wonder what his dreams are like, but in a slick conformist world, Marc Houle appears to be the one to inject a little ill-intentioned madness needed to free us.

At last It's a fine line. Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris. The producers of the album, who through a contemporary skinned down sound succeeded in revealing the intensity and urgency of Battant's songs. The Butcher is one of our favourite with a cadavre like flute, an obsessive rhythm, stretched to the extreme for a ghostlike instrumental.

We've said it before, nightmares are often more revolutionary than dreams.

The EP follows the release of Battant's debut album "No Head" which was released on Kill The DJ on 22nd June 2009.

BATTANT. "bruise, the butcher and other atrocities"
ktdj 0016.
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a1- BATTANT. "the butcher". marc houle remix
b1- BATTANT. "bruise". mickey moonlight pan remix.
b2 - BATTANT. "the butcher". it's a fine line electronic instrumental.

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