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Bag 5 Memphis Industries albums for just £9.99! - Bag 5 Memphis Industries albums for a mere £9.99!

For a limited time only, the measly sum of £9.99 will get you 5 albums from the Memphis Industries back catalogue.
Your lucky dip will be picked by hand by label owners Matt, Ollie and Dean too!

Albums included in this offer include some of CDtimes' favourites from the last couple of years;

The Go! Team
'Thunder Lighning Strike',

The Pipettes 'We Are The Pipettes',

Field Music

Dungen 'Ta Det

Absentee 'Schmotime',

El Perro Del Mar 'S/T',

The Black Neon 'Arts & Crafts',

The Russian Futurists 'An
Introduction To...

Blue States 'Nothing Changes Under
The Sun',

J Xaverre 'These Acid Stars',

To have a go at the lucky dip yourself, head over to the memphis industries shop:

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