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Armitage Shanks at Buffalo Bar - April 8th - Armitage Shanks

If you're missing the punk bands of old, and wish to experience some good, old fashioned ‘shouting oi-oi’ of the sort you didn't think they made any more, then you could do a lot worse than checking out the wonderful Armitage Shanks when they grace the nearly legendary Buffalo Bar with their sweaty presence on Friday 8th April.

These noisy, but loveable, skinheads have been together since 1991 and are the very antipathy of manufactured corporate punk. With input from the very legendary Billy Childish, they are the minds behind such infamous albums as 25 Golden Showers, Taking The Piss and the hugely anticipated new release Urinal Heap, due out on the 25th April 2004. It is doubtful that it will set the charts alight, nor will they be featured on the cover of NME, but who cares? Such things matter not, and 'The Shanks' will plough on regardless to the delight of their fans.

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