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Anthoney Wright has his feet in the right place

Feet on the Ground………….Anthoney Wright….March 2, 2009

Anthoney Wrights debut album is released on March 2nd 2009. The title Feet On The Ground is one that has become a mantra to Anthoney since he embarked on the road to making his first record.
Anthoney's music bears the brand that comes from someone who despite monumental mountains of physical and emotional trauma, still carries an effortless melody and a sublime soulful sexiness.
Anthoney was bought up in Nottingham, where as a baby he was abandoned by his parents and subsequently adopted by his Grandparents. To this day his Grandma provides the maternal backbone of wisdom that permeates his lyrics. His Grandfather, a well known local disc jokey provided the core to his wide ranging tastes;

"I really do love all forms of music. Marvin Gaye, Al Green, The Beatles to Beyonce..Jazz,soul, pop and classical, I can get off on a great blues riff or a Gregorian me music reflects life, and that means all life, not just black or white, but happy & sad, inspiring and thoughtful just like life itself....."

Following a bumpy childhood, ambition and the quest for success propelled him into a scene that was A- listed for its hedonistic partying and then one day he was approached to appear in a TV reality series based around living in a monastery for 40 days & 40 nights with other hand picked individuals.

" It was a time to think, I was approached one day, asked if I was at all religious, and the next thing was that I was in Worth Abbey....almost like an out of body experience. It was life's way of telling me to wake up, to see the vacant emptiness that my constant partying provided. It made me think deeply about life."

Not long after Anthoney was in Thailand and stumbled upon Buddhism. He reflected on the monastic awakening and found that his heart was at rest within the Buddhist creeds and he is now a firm and practicing member of the Kagyu sect.

Then after a chance meeting with the late Ian Wright, ( Founder of Reverb Music, Appollo 440 etc) Anthoney struck up a rapport with Ian that was almost like that of brothers. Ian signed Anthoney to his publishing company and thus Anthoney's musical career was launched. The culmination of this journey sees the release of Feet on the Ground. Eleven tracks that hint of the great Tamla days of the past that marry the beats of today and form an album that stands alone in track after track of hooks and melodies. This is why Anthoney's feet are so firmly on the ground!

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