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Anime in the UK: world awaits cartoon punk comp

Here's a weird one: Japanese label Avex Entertainment have issued Legendary Punk Songs Collection, a compilation CD of anime voice actresses covering famous punk tunes.

Life is too short to actually track it down, but why would you need to hear it to know that it is obviously genius?

"Sex and Violence" - Halko Momoi
"Basket Case" - Haruna Ikezawa
"White Riot" - Kaori Shimizu
"Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" - Mai Kadowaki
"Anarchy In The UK" - Rie Tanaka
"London's Burning" - Yuko Goto
"Call Me" - Halko Momoi
"God Save The Queen" - Haruna Ikezawa
"Blitzkrieg Bop" - Kaori Shimizu
"Search and Destroy" - Mai Kadowaki
"Ruby Soho" - Rie Tanaka
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Yuko Goto

Track previews here: Avex Network

It's weirder than you can even imagine.

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