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Angel Soundtrack

February 14th saw Virgin EMI release the soundtrack to popular TV series Angel...

Press release:

Angel is not only a vampire slayer extraordinaire but can also lay claim to bedding Buffy The Vampire Slayer (in ficticious circumstances, I know), which as I’m sure all the men in the house will agree is truly an impressive feat. Anyway, after three years of living in Sunnydale and fighting alongside his girlfriend, the incredibly hot Buffy, Angel moves to Los Angeles to tell the tale of a vampire with a soul, seeking redemption after many years of killing innocents. Aided by a few old friends (sadly no Buffy…) and a few new ones, ‘Angel’ watches the main character continue to fight the evil forces that lurk in LA’s mysterious underbelly.

So, this ‘Angel’ TV Soundtrack features a pick of the best moments by the show’s soundtrack composer Robert J.Kral having produced a total of 2,200 minutes of score, trimming it down to an hour proved a massive challenge and some tracks had to be edited in order to fit on this album.

Music is more important to a TV show than most people know and this is never more important than producing the score to a show like Angel. A generic score just lays there and lets you know exactly what to expect. A bad score takes you right out of the story. But a good, emotional, textured score cannot only heighten every moment of a story, it can also give to the story much more depth. Robert’s work has always given Angel such epic sweep, without ever sacrificing intimacy.

So there you have it, the ‘Angel’ TV Soundtrack is a must for the thousands of fans out there!

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