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Aly & AJ - Potential Breakup Song in October

New girl band, Aly & AJ are to release their debut single in the UK on the 8th October. We have the cover art and additional images of the duo along with the press release for Potential Breakup Song...

Aly & AJ
“Potential Breakup Song”
Single Released October 8th 2007

“Two of the most interesting figures to have cropped up in American pop for a while. “Potential Breakup Song” is witty, impeccably well-crafted and devilishly catchy, a crossover hit in waiting. An addictive sugar rush of fizzing electro pop.” - The Guardian

“An amazing song from two fascinating popstrels…” - Popjustice

“An endlessly ambitious yet endlessly effervescent pop-rock breakup album. Tunes are dressed up in a heavenly Europop-synth sparkle, frequently harmonized through complex Destiny’s Child time signatures” – Billboard

“A slick and pleasurable album that smuggles in a few surprises” – The New York Times

Stand by, as US pop sensations Aly & AJ slam onto the music scene this autumn with their debut UK single “Potential Breakup Song”, released on Hollywood Records via the Angel Music Group on October 1st.

In a world of conveyor belt, faceless teen pop acts, Aly & AJ stand proud, two sassy girls who really do have something to say and a collection of cracking pop tunes to back up their talk.

Aly & AJ are sisters Alyson Reane “Aly” Michalka (18) and Amanda Joy “AJ” Michalka (16). The LA born sisters were raised in Seattle, where they started playing piano at the age of six. They both picked up the guitar four years ago and started to write songs just six months after that.

Since then they have sold 800,000 copies of their album “Into The Rush” in the US and hit No.2 on the Billboard chart with their single “Do You Believe In Magic”

Debut UK single “Potential Breakup Song” is an effervescent electro pop smash that is already proving to be a massive hit in the US, racing up the iTunes Top Ten singles chart. A witty and well written song, the track features the gloriously self-referential couplet: “This is our potential breakup song, our album needs just one”, and has already been critically acclaimed by the UK’s music press as one of the pop records of 2007.

The single will be followed by album “Insomniatic” on October 22nd, an eclectic mix of twelve sparkling pop songs. Each track was written or co-written by the girls themselves, seeing the duo develop into a songwriting force to be reckoned with. The music is an adventurous blend of folky guitars, pumped up dance beats and electronic synthesizer noises. Stand out tracks include the explosive power chords of “Bullseye” and the sleek and soaring “Like Whoa”.

The sisters themselves are bright, articulate and interesting. “We can be very different, but we’re similar in many ways, too,” says AJ, who admits to being the more outgoing, active and neurotic. “The whole blood harmony thing comes naturally to us. There is an amazing connection when you’re sisters, a real chemistry.”

Aly and AJ have become active in issues such as passing laws to get predators off the streets and becoming spokeswomen for Samsung’s “Hope for Education which provides deserving schools with over $2 million in Samsung technology and Microsoft software.

It’s unlikely that the duo could work any harder. They’ve just completed a feature film version of MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” series, in which the sisters play arch enemies. The movie will hit UK screens later this year.

But music remains front and centre for the duo. As Aly says, “Music is our heart, our soul, and our roots. It’s who we really are. We just want to be real, genuine, express the way we honestly feel, and let that come out in our music”.

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