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Alela and Alina: We are family

Names Records are proud to announce the birth of Family. This new imprint will concentrate purely on limited edition releases in limited edition formats. It might be a 10”, it might be a CD single, it might be digital only, we’re keeping our options open at the moment.

The very first release on a label is always special – and the very first record on Family is doubly so as it features two beautiful singers and songwriters – both with new recordings and versions of songs they’ve always loved, all recorded in two days earlier this summer in Portland, Oregon.

Alela Diane you’ll probably know. The most startlingly wonderful new folk voice to arrive in the last five years, Alela has toured and charmed the insides out of most of the parts of the world comfortable enough in their own skin to allow themselves to be moved by a person singing about the life they live and the life they might have lived. Here Alela sings two new songs, Amidst the Movement and I Have Returned, while also sharing with Alina versions of the traditional songs, Bowling Green and Matty Groves.

Alina Hardin has been touring with Alela for a while, she also sang harmony vocals on Alela’s To Be Still album. Alina grew up in Nevada City, singing along with her mother and sister to Alan Lomax’s book of American Folk Songs. She bought her first guitar at 18 and her songs are full of stories and poetry and memories. She sings a new song, Crying Wolf, as well as sharing a version of Townes Van Zandt’s Rake – taken from his classic 1971 album, Delta Momma Blues – with Alela.

See Alela on Jools Holland here:

And download a track from Alele and Alina here

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